The Milford Garden Club offers up to three to four college scholarships a year to high school seniors.  The monetary amount can vary each year. For 2023, we are giving out two $2000 scholarships. Scholarships are offered to senior students in  the Huron Valley School system.

Applicants need to be accepted by an accredited college or university. Preference will be given to those students planning on majoring in horticulture, conservation, oceanography, landscaping, agriculture, environmental studies or related professions.  Selection is based on scholastic performance – 2.5 or higher grade point average, community and school participation and need for financial assistance.

In applying for a scholarship, students are asked to answer the following questions:
1. How do you plan to finance your education?
2. Personal interests: school activities, hobbies, volunteer service.
3. Work experience.

 A written essay is also required, of at least 1 page, telling why we should select them to
receive our scholarship. The following were chosen from twelve applicants in 2022:

Daniel Haskell graduated from Lakeland High School with a 4.5 GPA. He wishes to
pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering and attend University of Michigan.
Daniel has actively participated in many areas, and been involved in volunteer work.
He likes photography and art, as well. For the past five summers, he has worked for
a landscaper.

Elizabeth McDonald graduated from the International Academy, West with a 3.8
GPA. She wishes to pursue a degree in Biology either at Michigan State University or
University of Michigan. Elizabeth is also active in several different groups. She has
had jobs that will help her finance her college education. Her life circumstances have
not hindered her from becoming who and what she wants to become. Her positive
attitude is uplifting!!