Master and Advanced Master Gardeners

Master and Advanced Master Gardeners

MGC Master Gardeners have completed 40 hours of community service in addition to the requisite educational classes.  Advanced Master Gardeners have also completed an additional 50 hours of community service and an additional 25 hours of horticultural education.

Master Gardeners

Barb Amey

Lisa Austin

Pat Coppersmith

Janie Cryderman

Ronna Freeland

Anna VanHyfte

Advanced Master Gardeners

Kathy Barker

Linda Becker

Pamela Carter

Ellen Collins

Gail Cooper

Barbara Donahue

Dolores Donnellon

Sue Grifor

Max Kirschke

Rose Kirschke

Martha Larsh

Jan Niebauer

Diane Pearson

Beth Sciberras

Jackie Seitz